Underground Repair

Some of the most difficult plumbing jobs are those which involve digging.

First, we comply with the law:  “In the state of Tennessee, State Law requires anyone about to engage in either digging, excavation, moving of earth, demolition or any type of activity that disturbs the earth and therefore possibly involving a danger to damaging underground utility lines, to notify Tennessee One Call, of their intent to dig.”

Next, we contend with soil conditions. As you know, Middle Tennessee presents some obstacles. Slopes, underground rock and shale all can be challenging, not to mention asphalt and/or concrete paving, landscaping and structures.

Our skilled backhoe and jackhammer operators contend with whatever obstacles stand in the way of installing underground water and sewer lines or repairing ones which have deteriorated. Even excavation inside a building can be performed when necessary to expose underground plumbing lines.

Finally, we can pay special attention to the restoration of surfaces. Careful backfilling, concrete and asphalt patching, finishing with seed and straw – whatever is needed, we can furnish.